Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A monster of a find: Couple walking their dogs discover 30ft carcass of sea creature rotting on beach

From the Daily Mail: A couple were left shocked when they discovered the rotting body of a sea monster while walking along a beach.

Margaret and Nick Flippence made the incredible find as they exercised their dogs at Bridge of Don, Aberdeen.

Mr Flippence, 59, who lives nearby, said: 'We were stunned. I thought, "oh my God what is it?"

'It's like nothing we have ever seen, it almost looks pre-historic,' he told the Sun.

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As a mysterious skeleton is washed up on a British beach... Do sea monsters REALLY exist?

Curled up by the foot of sand dunes was the 30ft-long body of the unidentified animal with head, tail and teeth all discernible.

Experts are now examining the pictures with one suggesting it could be the body of a whale.

A spokesman for the Natural History Museum said: 'We have spoken to one of our mammals curators, and they have confirmed the animal is probably a long-finned pilot whale – Globicephala melas.

'Apparently it’s not unusual for these to wash up on the shore.'

Rob Deville, a marine life expert at London Zoo, said the body could be that of a killer whale or a smaller pilot whale.
Whale expert Mark Simmonds told the Sun: 'it died a long time ago and tides caused the body to wash ashore.'

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  1. it reminds me of a sea horse, because it has the same characteristics. It's back has the same ridged bone structure. & It's bones look like they would form inwardly, curving towards the body like a sea horse. & it has many different colors, It's neck is long & thin, it's tail is also long & thin. I see that in dolphins skinny tail, but not that type of neck. & a whales structure is also different. I mean, it's structure is still in tact. you can see how it is formed & shaped. The best way is to examine it, to find if it has the same portions as a whale would have, from the inside out.