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Book: The Search for Sunken Treasure: Exploring the World's Greatest Shipwrecks

The Search for Sunken Treasure: Exploring the World's Greatest Shipwrecks
by Robert Marx with Jennifer Marx
KeyPorter Books, 1993

Countless shipwrecks and their cargoes are scattered on the ocean floor just waiting to be discovered. For centuries, the words "sunken treasure" have sparked dreams of discovering chests overflowing with gold doubloons and fabulous jewels.

The Search for Sunken Treasure captures the excitement felt by the discoverers of shipwrecks dating from the beginning of recorded history to the twentieth century. In a fascinating text written with his wife, renowned underwater archaeologist Robert Marx tells the remarkable stories behind the discoveries of famous wrecks from around the world - the HMS Bounty, the Andrea Doria, the Titanic and the Mary Rose - as well as the unsung shipwrecks that deserve to be better known.

Marx relates his own incredible experiences exploring shipwrecks and introducing the reader to other adventurous men and women who, like himself, have made the salvage of shipwreck's their life's work. Over the years, they have uncovered many valuable artifacts from the deep - gold and silver coins, jewelry, pottery, anchors and cannons.

Throughout the text, Marx describes ancient and modern underwater exploration techniques, from Alexander the Great's diving contraption to today's high-tech atmospheric diving suits and remotely operated vehicles. The stories of how the ships met their fates - some on reefs, others of poor design simply toppled by a brisk wind - are also an important part of the text.

Over 100 stunning photographs of treasure from 70 shipwrecks around the world are complemented by historical etchings and paintings of the ships as they looked before they sank. Photographs of contemporary divers working on shipwrecks and the recovery of ancient ships from the depths complete this wonderful book.

Table of Contents
1. The Classical World
2. Scandinavian Shipwrecks
3. The Age of Discovery
4. The Spanish Galleons
5. The Invincible Armada of 1588
6. The Manilla Galleons
7. Bermuda, Graveyard of Ships
8. The East Indiamen
9. Privateers, Pirates and Mutineers
10. Shipwrecks in Waiting
11. Deep-water Shipwrecks
Appendix: Methods used in underwater archaeology
Selected bibliography

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