Monday, October 29, 2012

Grey seal cull may create new markets: Processor

From  Grey seal cull may create new markets: Processor

The head of the world's largest seal processing facility says if Canada approves a proposal to pay hunters to kill 70,000 grey seals off the East Coast, his company is eager to fill the global demand for grey seal products.
There's just one problem. Dion Dakins, CEO of Newfoundland's Carino Processing Ltd., says even though the demand is there, key markets in Europe and China remain closed. "It will require substantive action to open those markets to the products," he said in an interview Wednesday from South Dildo, N.L. "Markets internationally for seal products are challenged right now."
The European Union's 27 member states imposed a ban on seal products in 2010, a move that has decimated Canada's commercial hunt for harp seals.


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