Sunday, September 2, 2012

Greenpeace fails to stop super-trawler

From Big Pond News:  Greenpeace fails to stop super-trawler 

The super-trawler Margiris has entered Port Lincoln harbour in South Australia after repelling an attempt by Greenpeace to intercept it.

Greenpeace spokeswoman Julie Macken said activists tried to board the vessel on Thursday morning but crew members managed to repel them.

A pilot vessel was accompanying the 142-metre Margiris into port at 9.50am (CST).

Greenpeace is calling on the Gillard government to refuse to grant a fishing license to Margiris and to introduce a policy to ban super trawlers from Australian ports.

No protesters were in sight at the wharf as the trawler was entering the harbour.

Seafish Tasmania intends to use the Margiris to fish for 18,000 tonnes of redbait and mackerel, a quota the company says has been backed by a group of eminent marine scientists.

But the ship has attracted widespread opposition, particularly in Tasmania.

A complaint by Tasmanian independent MP Andrew Wilkie has resulted in a Commonwealth Ombudsman's investigation into the decision on its quota.


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